Swarovski Optik TLS APO 43mm for ATX/STX View larger

Swarovski Optik TLS APO 43mm for ATX/STX


Swarovski Optik TLS APO 43 mm apochromat telephoto lens system for ATX/STX spotting scopes for full-frame cameras

  • High focal lengths for coping with large distance
  • Rapid switch between observing and shooting pictures
  • Extremely light compared to a telephoto lens
  • Works with Angled or Straight Modules

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Swarovski Optik TLS APO 43mm for ATX/STX

Swarovski Optik TLS APO 43 mm

Swarovski Optik engineered their TLS APO 43mm Apo Telephoto Lens System to seamlessly integrate with the elegant and refined look of their ATX and STX spotting scopes while providing you with a quick and easy way to transition from viewing to digiscoping. It is designed with a 43mm apochromatic lens configuration to eliminate spherical and chromatic aberrations so images that are captured through it have true color rendition without distortion across the entire frame. This system is designed to work specifically with full-frame size sensors, as vignetting will occur when used with smaller APO or Micro 4/3 sensors.

Camera setting tips

In terms of shooting mode, you should select aperture priority (A/Av) with the highest ISO possible for short exposure times. A few camera manufacturers offer specific models with the option of setting focal length and aperture individually for third party lenses (such as a spotting scope). Depending on the type of camera being used, SCENE mode (SCN) can also certainly provide a shortcut to good pictures. The modes used for moving subjects, such as sport/playing children/animals (high ISO, short exposure) are ideal in this case. The user must ensure a short exposure to guarantee maximum image quality.

Effective focal length (Full-frame)

  • ATX/STX 65: 1075 - 2580mm
  • ATX/STX 85: 1075 - 2580mm
  • ATX/STX 95: 1290 - 3010mm

Minimum aperture

  • ATX/STX 65: 16.5
  • ATX/STX 85: 12.6
  • ATX/STX 95: 13.6