Blaser Saddle Mount


The Blaser Saddle Mount revolutionized the connection of rifle and rifle scope. Once zeroed, the scope can be removed and returned with minimum effort and remains zeroed. Without any problem different rifle scopes can be mounted on one barrel.

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Blaser saddle mount

Available options:

  • For ZEISS ZM and VM Scope with patented ZEISS Integrated Rail
  • For Swarovski Scope with patented Swarovski Integrated Rail
  • For Schmidt&Bender Scope with patented Schmidt&Bender Integrated Rail
  • For scopes with Prisma Rail on main tube
  • For scopes without rail incl. mount rings (ring Ø 25,4 / 30 / 34 / 36 mm)
  • For ZEISS Z-Point / ZEISS Compact Point / Aimpoint Micro
  • For Docter Sight
  • For Picatinny Rail