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Professional cleaning devices for guns. Rods, brushes, pulled ropes, special ropes for gun cleaning. Everything for proper gun cleaning. A gun cleaning set is a great gift for every shooter. Devices designed for cleaning smooth-bore, rifled arms, pistols and revolvers. 

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Correct gun cleaning
Did you know that every time you fire your gun, a small amount of carbon, copper, lead and plastic residue is left in the chamber and barrel? If you don’t take the time to clean your gun after firing it, this residue (known as fouling) can build-up over time and eventually have a devastating effect on your gun and effect its reliability.

There aren’t any rules for when to clean your gun. Each gun is different and each type of ammunition is different as well, making it impossible to make standard gun cleaning rules. However, over the years I’ve picked up a few tips from hunters, gunsmiths, retired law enforcement and military.

Cleaning Rods:

The most important tool in your kit is going to be the gun cleaning rod. This tool is used to attach brushes, jags, and mops. You want your cleaning rod to be made of a soft material such as brass. A material that’s harder than the barrel of your gun can easily scratch the inside of the barrel.

Cleaning Brushes:
Brushes come in a wide variety of different materials and sizes. The bronze brush is the best choice for a good deep cleaning. They will remove the majority of carbon build-up without damaging the inside of your gun. A nylon brush comes after the bronze brush to clean up anything left behind.

Jags & Loops:
After you’re done with the cleaning brushes it’s time to make everything shine. A cotton cleaning patch is placed on the tip of the jag and used in a similar manner as the brush. A drop of cleaning solvent on the patch will remove anything left behind by the brushes.

Cleaning Toothbrushes:
These brushes look just like a toothbrush, but the bristles are made of hardened steel, bronze, or nylon. Use these to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Gun Cleaning Solvent:
Without a good gun cleaning solvent you’ll have a tough time getting your gun clean. You can either opt to use an all one in CLP or use separate bore cleaners, lubricants, and protectors.

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